Grattitude: A dish best served on film.

Phase two.

So, after finally cuddlingly welcoming Enda Clarke into the cast to take on the role of Michael (yay), we began filming our Thank You video with the fabulous Ciara Moyna!

Thanks Paris, ‘preciate it.

I must say I’m really looking forward to seeing the final cut. The whole thing is a plethera of names and thanks from everyone involved. -Including me standing with men in kilts. What’s not to love? I’d love to say more, but it’s probably best to leave it until ye get to see it yourselves. I don’t want to talk it up, like everyone did Prometheus. HEYO. No, I didn’t see it.

Anyway, we also held a production meeting involving setting little tasks for the group. I’m very happy to be announcing that we will be looking for local singers, and a 3/5 year old girl to perform at their respective venues for the play. Operation ThereisLiftoff! begins. We’re inviting people to share legs of the tour by means of housing/travel -more for Cork. We did up our final budget today and lemme tell ya, what with the transaction fees from fundit, on top of six card declines, things are looking scary. But Acheiveable. We said we wanted the tour to work with a DIY ethos. So the closer to helping hands we are, the more we can invite to enjoy the celebrations and participate in making a good play happen.

I came up with the opening of the play the other day… It’s gonna be good, please God. It was great. Gave that rush of excitement for the first time in the run so far. However, it does mean that we need to go BIGGER and badder with some venues, like Ballinasloe and ‘Bofin, (as I will now lovingling call The Boff) though staying with the locality. -Not to mention having no accom in Inishbofin! -Ironic, considering we’re performing in a hotel, but these things happen. Tis a popular tourist spot, at a popular tourist time!  We’re now potentially going to be performing in TUAM during their theatre festival! Which is also very exciting!

In other news the venue of Smock Alley, The Boy’s School Theatre, is officially booked, signed and paid for. TO DUBLIN, TO DUBLIN! I’m so excited for that! I saw Oedipus, directed by David Scott there the weekend after the first time we put Burning on, and just thought, this is where our play needs to go!! So yeah, there and Ballinasloe, so far are my mileshtones. Cork’ll be really fun. Three nights in Patrick Galvin’s homeland!

We had good rehearsals today on top of which, in the wake of the GLORIOUS return of mister Oisin Robbins! JE LUI BIEN RECU, INDEED!! Roisin next, can’t wait! And hey-ho! The VOLVO OCEAN RACE!! Somewhere in that beautifully vague 2nd-6th of July, we’ll be staging snippets of the long awaited witch-scéal, not to mention all sprinkled with a dash of The Hero Returns!

In hilarious new news, the documentary is about to begin! So expect video updates of the production itself as well as me own musings! -Thank God, can’t be expecting ye to read this drivel til doomsday!

See you in August!


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