The Race is On!

Well here we are in the ocean busy-land. No lifeboats. No whistles. No lovers to let us lie on the door by ourselves.

Naw, we’re all good. The Volvo Ocean Race ( performance propped up a few days earlier, so naturally we’re a bit tight for time. As is life. I must say I have felt myself getting a bit lazy with the production side of things, juggling work, rehearsals, exercise, a casual new-found addiction to clips of Frasier on YouTube, and Sam and Ciara’s (fruitful) attempt at getting me into The West Wing and making me a less embarrassing human being to our generation, and to my parents. Apart from the odd missing out on social events, and having to hang washed underwear all over our kitchen despite fears of making my housemates blush, the show will be right on track with a bit more effort, I wager.

Oh Frasier, how could you steer me wrong?

We’re now performing on Thursday 5th, alongside our two, new, lovely ladies, Cait Canavan and Aoife Noone. Welcome to the cast gals…. You’ve tangled yourself into some kind of messy brain. Hoping to mop the whole place with some organisation, and more disciplined scheduling for my own part, to keep us going. Ironically, the most difficult thing for me has been deciding songs for the production. Picking a song with a good atmosphere, when said atmosphere has already been decided is tough stuff to be brief. We’ve gone from songs passed down from our Irish forefathers, to the Gorillaz, to just about everything under the sun, but I think we’ve our hands on it now. Sam and Muireann are bringing in some instruments, so between them, myself and Martin, I’m hoping to have a prototype song hammered down.

Aaah, the joys of getting stuff done. Cork has been emailed about our cancellation of the 7th. Why? Travel and budget. The joys of travelling with an 18 strong crew, is indeed the cost of each one of us little brats! Thankfully, I’ll be beginning our ThereisLiftoff! campaign soon, publicising online and through contacting our theatres about local participation in each show, and transport needs. So if you didn’t get to donate online or in a fiskal form, worry not. We have tonnes of ways for you all to participate in the lovely lovely show. Things like, lifts from A to B, being the main one!  I’m posting up a rota soon with each trip listed. So basically, depending on the journey, you could get a poster and picture, or a ticket to the show in exchange for acting as a roadie! What could possibly go wrong?

Say na’an

So really, at the moment I’m pretty much the worst enemy of the show, getting distracted every time I sit down to do a bit of Admin… having said that third shiny and new, new lady has been called in: LAURA HICKS! Aka, no bs with a pretty face. Gotta love a winning combination. Laura’s more or less the company Moderator, and company producer. And at the moment, taking care of all of you LOVELY fundit funders!

In other performative news, you can see some of our cast and crew ALL OVER THE GAFF before and between the Ocean Race and The Show: In Fregoli’s The Sweet Shop, teched by our own Joe McEvoy, and in Galway Arts Festival, check out Frank Pig says Hello, with our wonderful actors Sam and Oisin Robbins, and the Macnas parade, including my audacious self and Mr. Emmet Byrne. I tell ya, Andrew and Noeline have, respectively, got it going on.

Check it out at, and also support our supporters! The Galway Fringe Festival can be found at six days to raise two grand! Not an easy feat, so give up yer aul sins, and put the price of a pint to the lovely arts, as you so kindly have before!

Enough spamming.

Holy knock it off, spam-man!

Anyway, off to fight the good fight against idleness and production deadlines!

See you in August,


And BY THE WAY. I’d just like to thank Fr. Garvey, Sylvia, Colm and Anthony from Ballinasloe, who donated to ThereisBear! a few days ago. Thanks for still believing beyond a deadline! 🙂


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