The Last Hurdles

Well if is hasn’t been forever, am I right?

What’s new in the world of Bear? I’ll tell ya. This tour is looming at a ferocious rate altogether not to mention my keyboard having a bit of a balk on me at the moment. My spacebar and consonant keys seem to be convening against the good of public updates!

So the Volvo performance went down without a hitch, pardoning the inevitable too-young children shneaking in before we had a chance to mention to their parents that this is the six to midnight scene if ya know what I mean. Thankfully no giggles or storming out, but a lovely round of applause and what became a bit of a Q and A about when it’s on.

I assure you sir, I am of a playing age sort.

Has anyone been checking out the Galway Arts Festival or Fringe shows? They’re pretty damn epic. Our very own Oisin Robbins and Samuel Ferry happen to feature in Frank Pig Says Hello, which I caught on the opening night, -and which Cillian Murphy caught the day before yesterday… I’d like to think it was a little to do with me. It was excellent, I particularly enjoyed Ush and Jarlath (Francie)’s relationship! Not to mention the completely TEAR-JERKING set. GYT outdoing themselves there, without a doubt.

In more personal news: Macnas Parade! Anybody see our lovely Bridget and Foley prancing around? Or my lovely self and Mr. Martin for that matter. Up to 100 performers lashed to the streets as hard as the rain on Sunday night, I’ll tell you that much. Great fun to keep us tipping through the sloggier bits of pre-prodution!

At least the rain wont quench my contemplations of arsenal homicide.

lol…no caption was just funnier…

So our own craic!

Well, venues all done, posters all sent away for and should be arriving tomorrow which only means one thing you guys: A drive as far as Cork and Kerry to get this bad boys up and running! I had a minor cardiac event there when Print24 our lovely printers recorded each order twice, so while the posters were being done and dusted I ended up more or less whining to their customer support for the files that hadn’t been loaded despite having been loaded! But most recent news tells me they arrive tomorrow. Yayness aplenty!

Getting us up and on the road is more an expensive endeavor than I thought, I must admit! Budgeting for everything at once is painstaking! We’re spending a lot of our time balancing production and tour costs, and conducting a lovely raffle with A CAMERA as our price. How fecking cool is that?! Fletcher’s electrical in Ballinasloe are KICKING ASS sponsor-style. So those are going on sale tomorrow for three  bucks a pop and you can get as many as ya like, you lucky devils you! We’re intending this to be out fundy-raisey leg to get us over that final hump. So apart from singing ‘Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate’, production is cracking along.

Our beautiful Joe McEvoy has gotten his troupes together and set has BEGUN!! * Hallelujah chorus* Prices for burlap, buttons and metal all slowly weaving its way into what will soon be The Last Burning.

Thank god I live close enough to home. My mother’s being super supportive ordering me to give her and all posters for Ballinasloe to plaster them around herself. She has a little heart attack of cuteness on seeing our bear made by Kate Rands, and has insisted we bring the bear with us, so that she may meet him and give him her blessing, as a bear. Congratulations, Kate.

Carlsberg don’t do mothers, but if they’d did, they’d probably be Anita.

So apart from that, the fabulous costume spree and prop hunt has begun, with our Power-woman Ciara Moyna joining Mr. Martin for the good fight against using your imagination for holding stuff.

I’d also like to send a big thanks again to everyone who has donated! People are still tossing a few bob our way, and I cannot say enough how grateful we are. Every bit does go a long way! Who knew that wasn’t a myth! We should do some performances outside Tescos exclaiming IT’S TRUE! or something…

So final blocking is taking place and I’ve a rehearsal to run to in an hour! Best be off. Hopefully another one will come sooner!!

A l’August!


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